What is MakerCentral?

MakerCentral is a comprehensive fan-made search engine and bookmarking site for Mario Maker 2.

Many Mario Maker 2 players have expressed the desire to search levels by text and bookmark them since the game's release in 2019.

Now, three years later, I have developed this website to solve both of these problems. It is now possible to search through and bookmark every level in the world!

Who made this site?

I, UncaughtCursor, am the sole developer of this website. I've been working on it for over a year, first starting with Music Level Studio, and have spent the past few months working on the level search engine.

Where does the data come from?

The data was obtained using TheGreatRambler's API and the tools used to run it. A big thanks to him for his work on the API and his direct help with obtaining the data. It would have been impossible without him.

How does this site pay for itself?


Although I originally planned on not monetizing this site due to legal concerns, this is unsustainable; I will soon run out of money to pay for the site's ongoing expenses.

In other words, this site will die soon without donations from people like you.

If you find this site useful and want it to stay available for everyone, please consider donating on Patreon or Ko-Fi. Every 5 dollars donated is another day that the site can stay running.

Donations - Thank You!

I would like to thank the following people for their generous donations. In parentheses is how much longer this site will last thanks to them.

  • tint - $180.00 (36 days)
  • Annette Wilson - $100.00 (20 days)
  • NintendoThumbFan - $80.00 (16 days)
  • youyi1996 - $50.00 (10 days)
  • Anti Node - $40.00 (8 days)
  • BeardBear - $39.70 (7 days)
  • Taan Wallbanks - $23.17 (4 days)
  • Cody Stumma - $20.00 (4 days)
  • RogendGuy - $18.00 (3 days)
  • SirMystic - $15.00 (3 days)
  • BamBoozil - $10.00 (2 days)
  • FauxBlue - $10.00 (2 days)

Total amount donated: $585.87 (117 days)